With the right information and a little care, this process will be greatly streamlined and accelerated by the following steps.

After initialy deciding on the size and layout of your building and where your building will be placed on your property you will need to find out the below information:

1. Does the property in question have any covenants? To find out, check your Title.

2. If yes, do they affect what you want to build? To find out speak to a Building Surveyor.

3. Is a planning permit required? To find out ask your local council municipality planning department. Local Council Finder

4. Are you building over an easement occupied by a council, water, energy or communications company? To find out, just complete a ‘dial before you dig’ property information search,

5. Does your council have minimum setback requirements that may differ from the BCA (Building Code Australia)? Speak to your municipality Building and Planning Department.

6. Your council can help you through the items that may affect your project. These may include the following: Setbacks from rivers, creeks or roads etc, overshadowing, fire rating, private open space, height on boundary, blocking of natural light, vegetation removal, significant trees, building on a hilltop or ridgeline, colours and materials that may or may not be accepted, road opening permit, objection by neibours, building uses. Each council will differ in these areas so it is best to confirm with them prior to any works being taken out.

7. Do you need a dispensation to allow for the building to go ahead?

8. For any structure over 10m2 of roof coverage, you will require a building permit. The Council/Building Surveyor will require: A current (not more than 30 days old) copy of your Certificate of Title, site plan to scale that shows NSEW, SWD, Levels, Lot No, Lot dimensions and area in M2, neighbouring buildings and distances from boundaries, house area and block position, Distance to nearest side street, easements, dimentions of building, distances to other buildings and boundaries.

9. If you are an owner builder and the building cost is $12K or greater, you will need owner builders insurance. To find insurance agents it is best to search the net to find a local broker.

10. An assett protection permit may be required. Check with your local council.

11. Please call us if you have any questions.