The Iconic A-Line Barn – Up to 22m wide


Have you ever felt that there is a part of Australia missing on your property?

Then we have the product for you!

You no longer have to wonder if you would rather a barn than a shed to harmonise the Australian bush with your backyard. The Iconic A-Line Barn is without doubt the best looking steel building you can give yourself.

The look and feel of an A-Line barn will bring a smile to the faces of your friends and family and will bring with it a unique part of our Australian heritage. We specialise in both Australian and American Barn styles and offer mezzanine flooring for extra storage space.

At A-Line we achieve strength by design, ensuring you can build with confidence. A-Line’s range of Barns are manufactured from the highest quality heavy duty materials and can be built with a range of options.

So now you know!

Standard Sizes

  • Columns and rafters are fabricated using 100 x 50 galvanised RHS
  • Purlins and girts – 65mm galvanised tophat section
  • Standard roof pitch is 10° and 20°
  • Standard bay sizes – 3.0m/3.6m/4.0m
  • Optional extras include Roll-a-doors, PA doors, windows, lean-to’s, etc.
A Widths
A TOTAL Heights
3 3 3 9 2.4
3 4 3 10 2.7
3.5 4 3.5 11 3.0
4 4 4 12 3.3
4 5 4 13 3.6
4.5 5 4.5 14 3.6
5 5 5 15 3.6