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Our Customers Say

  • “With A-Line sheds, we’re confident that when you walk away you walk away with a good quality product that lasts. The quoting system is so easy to use, it’s fail safe. When you need help they’re just a phone call away.”

    John and Nicole – MacJac Sheds
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  • “We just couldn’t be happier! I used to put up sheds and I find this is a remarkably well put together shed. The quality of the work I couldn’t fault. To me, it’s just an all-round good package. It fills our bill and makes us all happy.”

    Daryl – Men’s Shed
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  • “We wanted (to work with) somebody we could be comfortable dealing with, from this size shed and extend and maybe even buy the property next door… I’m really happy with the quality of the product. We haven’t had any issues from day dot – it’s difficult for me to pick anything negative, honestly.”

    Adrian Kieran – Owner, 4×4 Concepts
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  • “I’ve just been impressed all the way through, with the quality of the product itself. And it’s solid; it’s a good, solid looking shed. The galvanized UB Portals, instead of the web truss setup was quite attractive to me. I am really glad we went that way as it’s come up really nice…I perceive it to be a real positive step forward as far as our business goes.”

    Tom Muntz – Founder & CEO, Platinum Electricians
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